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Timothy Leary
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (ESP Disk)
Regular Price: $12.95
On Sale For: $6.48 Buy Now CD

Led Zeppelin
CELEBRATION DAY: LIVE AT O2 ARENA 2007 (180g 3-LP) (Warner Brothers)
Regular Price: $49.95
On Sale For: $34.97 Buy Now Vinyl - Audiophile

John Lennon
Signature (11-CD Remastered Box Set) (Capitol)
Regular Price: $184.95
On Sale For: $159.97 Buy Now Box Set

We Are The Levitts (Venus)
Regular Price: $12.95
On Sale For: $6.48 Buy Now CD

Alan Lomax
Southern Folk Heritage Series (7-LP Box Set) (Doxy)
Regular Price: $189.95
On Sale For: $123.47 Buy Now Vinyl

Forever Changes (180g Analog Mastered) (Rhino)
Regular Price: $24.95
On Sale For: $16.22 Buy Now Vinyl - Audiophile

Nick Lowe
Labour Of Lust (180g + MP3) (Columbia)
Regular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $15.57 Buy Now Vinyl - Audiophile

Ze Luis
Guarani Banana (Malandro Records)
Regular Price: $13.95
On Sale For: $6.98 Buy Now CD

Lynyrd Skynyrd
One More From the Road (180g 2-LP) (Music On Vinyl)
Regular Price: $49.95
On Sale For: $32.47 Buy Now Vinyl - Audiophile

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