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Jazz → No W... NOW!: A Petition Against Bush  

No W... NOW!: A Petition Against Bush

Artist: Various Artists
Various Artists - No W... NOW!: A Petition Against Bush CD
Label: Passive Aggressive
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Year: 2004
Format: CD


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No W...NOW! A Musical Petition Against George W. Bush unites sixteen progressive and determined artists brave enough to express their unique and profound music, sounds, and words under one voice to call for the end of George Bush's presidency as soon as possible. This compilation sends a clear, urgent, and peaceful cry from all corners of the artistic community and features everything from jazz to folk, punk rock to free improvisation, modern composition to spoken word. The album is a benefit for the highly progressive non-profit organization, Not In Our Name, an on-going project whose tireless efforts in creating awareness of our current administration's unethical crusades have continued to inspire and bring hope to thousands of concerned, fearful, and frustrated Americans. At a time when our country is being controlled by one of the most controversial leaders of recent past, No W...NOW! serves as a radically unique form of an increasinly familiar protest.
Andrew Elliott, vocal; Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Neil Starkey, bass; Jamie Shepard, percussion; The Sleepwalker, guitar, vocals; Reed Mathis, bass; Brian Haas, electric piano; Jason Smart, drums; Elliott Sharp, guitar, laptop; Newpoetic; Scott Rosenberg, baritone sax; Tom Surgal, percussion; Lin Culbertson, keyboards; Brady Sansone, guitar, tape recorder; Kyle Bruckmann, organ, vocals; Kurt Johnson, bass; Philip Montoro, drums; Mark Stevens, drums; Jack Wright, soprano sax; Threat Language; Loren Connors, guitar; Neel Murgai, guitar; Andrew Burnes, piano; Marty Belcher, tenor sax; Jason Bivins, guitar; Joe Donnelly, baritone sax; Matt Griffin, percussion; Eric Weddle, electronics; Pauline Oliveros, accordion, electronics, vocal; Lea Jones, guitar, vocal
  1. Andrew Elliott - Post Cold War Guilt Song
  2. R. Ruzow's Subterraneans - Study War No More (arr. Ruzow)
  3. Boys Suck - My Country
  4. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - The March of the Fourth Reich
  5. Elliott Sharp - These Days
  6. Newpoetic - Illuminated
  7. Scott Rosenberg - Rhrr
  8. White Out - Let Running Dog Imperialists Lie
  9. Brady Sansone - There's No W in President
  10. Lozenge - No Fair
  11. Jack Wright - There's No Music Like No Music
  12. Threat Language - Hey George
  13. Loren Connors, Neel Murgai, Andrew Burnes - excerpt from Thomas Paine ("Where Are Your Bones?")
  14. Unstable Ensemble - Gob Wee Shrub
  15. Pauline Oliveros - A Poem of Change
  16. Lea Jones - Turkeys In Texas
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