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Tulsa For One Second

Artist: Pulse Programming
Pulse Programming - Tulsa For One Second CD
Label: Aesthetics
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Year: 2003
Format: CD


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An amazing second album from Pulse Programing on Chicago’s Aesthetics imprint. When Pulse’s debut, self-titled album came to light in 1999 we were completely immersed in its understated tone and insistance on reduction. Flowing textures and ambient washes, coating each track with a depth and vision that was as engrossing as it was unexpected. Four years later and this simply sublime follow-up lands with us to both confound and take the depth of sound into new and varied slopes of inspiration. ‘Tulsa for One Second’ is a completely different affair to its predecessor, one would almost be tempted to say the work of an entirely different outfit. Exploring the scope of ‘pop’ from the same starting point as the likes of Telefon Tel Aviv, Static, much of the Morr Music rosta and even Boards of Canada, the vision here infuses vocals, crunchy beats, melancholy tones and an unbeleivable way with a timeless melody. ‘Stylophone Purrs...’ interwieves a male vocal with slivers of female retorts, shimmering rhodes, violins and micro-processed beats dipping into inspring melancholy with shere perfection. The instrumental stretches of ‘Here give it...’ and ‘All Joy...’ articulate that most over-used of all electronic terms : ‘cinematic’ with a brilliance the likes of which were last heard on Static’s ‘Eject your Mind’ album. The more up-beat squashed beats of ‘Off to do’ melt into unconsciousness with the introduction once again of the intoxicating lullaby...”Life, is but a dream.....”, somehwow tapping into that unspoken yearning that is sometimes only possible to articulate through instruments and voice. Investigate without further delay.

All the sharp, cold ridges of the usual electronic sound palette are sheared off and smoothed down on this beguilingly gentle release... The Wire (02/01/2003)

4 stars out of 5 - ...It's a sustained soft explosion of hushed, aching indietronica....Pulseprogramming are the sound of the perfect moment slipping through your fingers... Uncut (06/01/2003)

Pulse Programing
1. Blooms Eventually
2. Here Give It Here I'll Show You
3. Stylophone Purrs And Mannerist Blossoms
4. All Joy And Rural Honey
5. Off To Do Showery Snapshots
6. Don't Swell Up Your Glass Pocket
7. Within The Orderly Life
8. Largely Long-Distance Loves
9. Bless The Drastic Space
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