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Erratum Musical

Artist: Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp - Erratum Musical CD
Label: Sub Rosa
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Year: 2000
Format: CD


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Performed 2/8/2000. "The principle of musical erratum is simple: you choose a keyboard -- any keyboard -- you draw each note at random -- no note can be struck twice, but all are struck -- the resulting whole is played without any particular modulation, 'a uniformity de rhythm, anaccentuation' says Duchamp. The premises of minimal and aleatory art are thus expressed in 'the green box', published in 1934 (although the writings date back to 1912-15). To do this, we chose to use a piano (a Bösendorfer). Stephane Ginsburgh still young (born in 69), he is already known as a great pianist by the critics -- he loves to build his concerts as a mix-up of styles -- perfect in his performance of Robert Schumann, Morton Feldman and Stockhausen, he was the man between the pieces for piano by Renaud de Putter. The pieces heard here were recorded on one single day -- the beginning is lively, full of exploration (#1) - then it becomes gentler (#2) -- almost Feldmanian (#3) -- we reach the hard core in the centre: 36 minutes that swallow up the everyday world (it's 4 pm, children are getting out of school, people are coming and going, cars rev up...) (#4) -- then there is the magic inverse version (#5) -- a strong reverse, tense, strung out (#6) -- then, tenuous, ending as evening falls (#7) -- the last note -- no. 63 -- is struck for the last time -- it was also the first note, played six hours earlier. To conclude on Erratum (from The Latin, fault, error, erratus, to lose one's way), neither order, nor chaos, we have obeyed the laws of chance -- an innocent hand, taking numbers from a vase -- a chance signed by Duchamp's idea, the sounds that come out here are his or the piano's or any human being's, living or dead."
Marcel Duchamp
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