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Artist: Mark Whitecage
Mark Whitecage - BushWacked CD
Label: Acoustics
Regular Price: $13.95
On Sale For: $5.58 
Year: 2005
Format: CD


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BushWacked, a spoken word opera, finds Mark Whitecage with a totally new Band, Concept, and Direction! In addition to West Coast electronic wizard Scott Steele on guitar, combined with the keyboard artistry of Bill Larimer, Mark has added Perry Robinson's prize pupil Rozanne Levine on Bb and alto clarinets, with long-time collaborator Robert (Mike) Mahaffay on drums, to produce a hard-hitting and sometimes angry indictment of the Bush Crime Family, all without losing the sense of swing and intensity he is known for!!

One of the Top Ten Recordings of 2005 - Rex Butters, All About Jazz-LA

"Mark Whitecage and the Bi-Coastal Orchestra step up to the podium to deliver the statement of sanity many have been waiting on for five years. Bushwacked: A Spoken opera takes aim at the deadly dada debacle that has inexplicably passed for government and foreign policy in this country since the turn of the millennium. Whitecage and company surgically remove the masks from these gibbering ninnies and the slow brained zombies who support them with texts built of incisive previously published commentaries and pertinent constitutional quotes recited against a musical backdrop that emphasizes free jazz, while including elements of a century of American popular music. Whitecage's broad stylistic background is well represented by his ensemble, creating a lively listenable soundtrack equal to the seething passion in the composer's text. Say hi to a clear picture of our shared predicament on Bushwacked." Rex Butters, All About Jazz-LA

"Apart from the obvious sociopolitical implications of the lyrics, the "jazz-and-much-more" raging authority unleashed by Whitecage (alto sax, clarinet) Scott Steele (guitar) Bill Larimer (piano) Rozanne Levine (alto & soprano clarinets) and Robert Mahaffay (drums) will curl up your toes: a show-stopping virtuosity does not waste an ounce of the pulsating conceptual energy of the group, whose components encapsulate hundreds of different artistic experiences, throwing them against the often disappointing aesthetics of today's swing/jazz realities with sardonic smiles and thoroughly irreverent musicianship. Archie Shepp and ragtime, Frank Zappa and off-Broadway, anarchy and democracy: it's all here for your mental and auditive pleasure - and your radio won't play it for sure." Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"'BushWacked' is an impressive, bold and timely work from alto sax wiz, Mark Whitecage, and his new crew." Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter

"Thank you for sending me this CD. Thank you for making this CD. It's been so long that I have been waiting for creative artists to raise their voice against this criminal gang that has taken over the government of the United States, and brought its reputation to its lowest depths ever with their lies, their illegal wars, their torture, their secret prisons. Again, thank you for having the conscience and the courage to speak out!" Ron Sweetman, host, "In A Mellow Tone", CKCU Radio, Ottawa, Canada

Scott Steele (guitar); Bill Larimer (piano); Rozanne Levine (alto and soprano clarinet); Mark Whitecage (alto sax, Bb Clarinet); Robert Mahaffay (drums)
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