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Artist: Marcus Schmickler / John Tilbury
Marcus Schmickler / John Tilbury - Variety CD
Label: A-Musik
Regular Price: $17.95
On Sale For: $8.98 
Year: 2005
Format: CD


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"Musical events which are more or less alien to each other meet in a wide and harmonically differentiated space, which is explored in different directions. Briefly, they communicate -- only to separate again. Diverse actions form a clearly discernable foreground: The piano provides flageolets and piccicati, slow arpeggi and Feldmanesque figures which move through the space supplied by the computer sounds while, at the same time combining with these. From time to time, little events rear their heads as if posing a question. A mutual pulse is an altogether rare occurrence. The piano's harmonic figures meet with computer sounds unexpectedly within a slowly changing acoustic environment. Piano pixies sing and dance serenely in a virtual space while the noises from the instrument instigate dialogues with the computer. The music is tranquil, never aggressive and is at almost every moment polyphonic in the good old sense of the word. Pretty often, the two musicians play on two different planes so that in spite of the slowness of the whole thing, the resulting complex relationships offer a lot of surprises. Once the listener has become engaged in this process, he/she will remain so and become ever more curious. The sureness and the tranquility which emanates from these musical actions, figures, shapes and processes, acknowledges and asserts the ghost of Morton Feldman, who seems to hover benevolently over these sounds: Stop asking questions." -- Johannes Fritsch.
Marcus Schmickler, John Tilbury
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