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Enclosure Two

Artist: Harry Partch
Harry Partch - Enclosure Two CD
Label: Innova
Regular Price: $42.95
On Sale For: $17.18 
Year: 1995
Format: CD


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4-CD Boxed Set.

Enclosure 2, all four cds, is curated as a sprawling notebook filled with sounds and speech instead of sketches and words. Of any Partch recording extant, it gives the best picture of the man--as the curmudgeonly, extremely innovative misanthrope that he was, as the composer who was impossibly unlike anyone else before or since. The essence of Partch's music reflects the history of the world--from his particular perspective--the imaginings of ancient Greece to the influence of Chinese musical melodrama, all propelled by homemade instruments based on a 43-tone scale named things like the "Kithara" and the "Boo." These recordings also give the best sense of his philosophy of language in music. Lamenting the whole time how text in music had become detached from the language of everyday life, Partch ran music alongside newsboys' cries and hobos' diaries, following the forms, cadence, and dynamics of speech, rather than the other way around. From his juvenilia (a wonderful song he wrote at 18) to a 45-minute segment of his wake in 1974, the first steps towards exploring Partch's sparkling works fully are made here. --Robin Edgerton

Enclosure 2 - Historic Speech-Music Recordings from the Harry Partch Archives

DISC A [67'46]:
1. I am Harry Partch [0'24]
2. By the Rivers of Babylon [3'25]
3. Texts and Music: A Wagnerian Wrestling Match [1'21]
Ten Li Po Lyrics [17'45]: (4. A Dream [4'33]; 5. An Encounter in the Field [0'48]; 6. On Hearing the Flute [0'59]; 7. The Intruder [1'09]; 8. I Am a Peach Tree [1'25]; 9. With a Man of Leisure [0'44]; 10. A Midnight Farewell [1'16]; 11. Before the Cask of Wine [2'10]; 12. On the Ship of Spicewood [2'31]; 13. By the Great Wall [1'55])
14. The Use of English in Serious Music [0’57]
15. Barstow - Eight Hitch-hikers’ Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California [8'26]
16. San Francisco – A Setting of the Cries of Two Newsboys on a Street Corner on a Foggy Night in the Twenties [2'29]
17. Life is too Precious to Spend It with Important People [1'29]
18. US Highball - A Musical Account of Slim’s Transcontinental Hobo Trip [26'45]
19. While my Heart Keeps Beating Time [1'36]
20. San Francisco II [2'50]

DISC B [73'29]:
1. I’m going to start right off by giving you some sounds . . . [0'29]
Two Settings from Joyce’s Finnegans Wake [5'13] (2. Isobel [2'52]; 3. Annah the Allmaziful [2'21])
4. Dark Brother [7'41]
5-23. A Quarter-Saw Section of Motivations and Intonations [60'06]

DISC C [73'23]:1-36. Extracts from "Bitter Music, A Hobo Journal"

DISC D [67'42]:
1. Yankee Doodle Birds [0'36]
2. Y. D. Fantasy - On the Words of an Early American Tune [3'54]
3. O Frabjous Day! [3'10]
4. You are charged with being guilty. Are you drunk or not drunk? [1'02]
5. Ring Around the Moon – A Dance Fantasm for Here and Now [9'00]
6. Bless This Home [3'21]
7. Harrys Wake [46'23] 
Arun Chandra (guitar) [A/20], Christine Charnstrom (chromelodion) [A/2, A/15, A/16, A/18, B/4], Contributors: Harry Partch, Betty Freeman, Danlee Mitchell, Lou Harrison, Stephen Pouliot, Francis Crawford, Phil Keeney, Jack Larson, Lynn Ludlow, Bill Colvig, Jack and Patty Wright, Charles [?], unknown others [D/7], Danlee Mitchell (bass marimba) [D/3], Danlee Mitchell (harmonic canon) [D/6]
Danlee Mitchell (kithara) [D/6], Don Thompson (tin whistle, ob.) [D/2], Dorothy Holden (fl.) [B2-3], Fralia Hancock (double canon) [A/18], Fralia Hancock (Indian drum) [B/4], Gate 5 Ensemble cond. Horace Schwartz [D/5], Harry Partch (adapted viola) [A/2, A/4-13, A/16, A/18, B/4, D/6], Harry Partch (adapted guitar) [A/15], Harry Partch (chromelodion) [D/2], Harry Partch (harmonic canon) [D/3], Harry Partch (intoning voice) [A/4-13, A/15, A/16, A/18, D/3, D/6], Harry Partch (kithara) [B2-3], Harry Partch (speaker) [A/1, A/3, A/14, A/17, B/1, B/5-23, D/1, D/4], Hilmar Luckhardt (fl.) [B2-3], Hilmar Luckhardt (tin whistle) [D/2], John Garvey (cond.) [D/6], Joseph Varhula (mazda marimba) [D/6], Keith Johnson (guitar) [A/20], Lee Hoiby (flexatones) [D/2], Lee Hoiby (kithara) [A/2, A/15, A/16, A/18, B/4], Lesley Olson (fl.) [A/20], Liz Schmidt (pf.) [A/19], Lola Harding (sop.) [B2-3, D/2], Lynn Ludlow (intoning voice) [D/5], Mark Enslin (intoning voice) [A/20], Philip Blackburn (singer) [A/19], Rick Burkhardt (guitar) [A/20], Sarah Wiseman (vc.) [A/20], Sheila Guymer (pf.) [C], Vincenzo Prockelo (ob.) [D/6], Warren Burt (voice) [C], William Wendlandt (bar.) [A/2, A/18, B/4], William Wendlandt (intoning voice) [A/4-13, A/15]
Rec. Gualala, 1950-1 [A/1], loc. not known, 1945 [A/2, A/15, A/16, B/2-4, D/2], KPFA-Berkeley, 16/7/1954 [A/3], loc. not known, 1947 [A4-13], loc. not known, 30/5/1970 [A/14, A17, D/1], loc. not known, 1946 [A/18], loc. not known, 8/1995 [A/19], Sudwestfunk 3, Karlruhe, Germany, 24/1/1990 [A/20], UCLA, 8/5/1966 [B/1], loc. not known, 29/5/1967 [B5-23], Australian Broadcasting Corp. Melbourne, 23/1/1992 [C], Mill Valley Outdoor Club, 13/2/1954 [D/3], KPFA-Berkeley, 19/11/1953 [D/4-5], Univ. of Illinois, 1961 [D/6], Redwood City, California, 22/9/1974 and San Diego, 1966 [D7]

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