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Seventh Ruined Hex

Artist: Birchville Cat Motel
Birchville Cat Motel - Seventh Ruined Hex CD
Label: Important
Regular Price: $12.95
On Sale For: $6.48 
Year: 2006
Format: CD


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A further step out in Birchville Cat Motel's ruminations on time space distortion featuring the addtional mystikal talents of fellow gravity destroyer, Matthew Bower (Hototogisu/Sunroof!.)  Seventh Ruined Hex presents like a lonesome planet, occassionally struck with super-sized fragments of space detritus, but for the most part just hangs around, spinning on its axis and doing fuck-all.  Strangely emotive for 'a buncha noise'. Like the deepest love, its warm yet tenuous, and filled with the ever-present potential for loss and brutality. More in line with the estranged love-tangle of the Birchville classic Chi Vampires than the most recent befuddling hyperspace rock-overload of recent albums like Our Love Will Destroy the World and Birds Call Home their Dead.

Features Matthew Bower who has been known to put out a good album or two on a regular basis.

Matthew Bower
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