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Analogue Smoque

Artist: Tom Hamilton / Mike Silverton / Al Margolis
Tom Hamilton, Mike Silverton, Al Margolis - Analogue Smoque CD
Label: Pogus
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Year: 2003
Format: CD


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"Analogue Smoque's deportment owes much to Dada, which positions it some 85 years late for lunch. The work's disjunct, shard-like character looks in significant measure to the manner in which it came together as a pastiche of youthful bits." -- Mike Silverton

A surreal stew of story and sounds, Analogue Smoque joins poet and La Folia honcho Mike Silverton's non-transactional prose with music, electronic and otherwise, by Tom Hamilton and Al Margolis. Sounds combine with, highlight and ignore Silverton's ramble, which in turn ignores the rational world.

Tom Hamilton has composed and performed electronic music for over 30 years. Rather than addressing traditional modes of presentation and observation, Hamilton prefers to explore interaction and simultaneity as aspects of "present-time listening" on both the performers' and listeners' parts.

Mike Silverton will only say that "At first blush, the alert listener detects a link between Analogue Smoque and Madam Blavatsky. The magi demur. Rather, they say, the text reveals its author's interest in cryptorchidistics, i.e., states of non-descent."

Al Margolis has been working with electronics/sounds since New Year's Day 1984. His work can best be described as "sound fingerpainting."

Tom Hamilton (sounds, assemblage); Mike Silverton (text, voice); Al Magolis (sounds)

Disc 1.
1. A Rift in the Ceiling
2. A Keyhole for Peeking
3. Laundering Butt Floss
4. Asbestos Abatement, That Closer to Health
5. Fire and Ice and a Reliable Chronometer
6. The Enchanted Kielbasa
7. Yanking Anchors, Shoulder Dislocations
8. Exchanging Anvils, Broken Toes

Disc 2.
1. The Clouds, To Whom Do They Belong?
2. He Can't Take You With Him
3. A Cozy Place by the Crevasse
4. If a Tree Falls on a Conscript...
5. Five, Alive and Thriving
6. But Absent a Spleen
7. Terminal Euphoria


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