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Artist: Burnt Friedman
Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko CD
Label: Nonplace
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Year: 2012
Format: CD


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Burnt Friedman presents his fourth solo album. Bokoboko is an entirely instrumental recording, impossible to pinpoint to existing genres of music. "Bokoboko" comes from the Japanese, like the other track titles, and means "uneven," "hollow-sounding" -- adjectives aptly describing the album's crooked, dynamic grooves as well as the many percussively-resounding instruments. Friedman, recognizable more or less by the sound of the ten instrumental tracks, plays prepared oil barrels/steel drums, all kinds of wood and metal percussion, gongs, monochord, a home-made rubber-band guitar, organ, synthesizer, and electric guitar. He is sometimes joined by Hayden Chisholm (wind instruments), Joseph Suchy (guitar), Daniel Schröter (bass), as well as, making his first guest appearance, Takeshi Nishimoto, a Berlin-based Japanese musician playing the sarod, a traditional Indian string instrument. The uneven types of rhythm, which provide the specific oscillation on which all the tracks are based, in principle obey all the components: melodies, noises, monophone sequences and dub echoes inserted into pre-sketched, programmed basic tracks. "Deku No Bo" and "Sendou" follow the same rhythmic formula, the same seven-part cyclic groove, even though it is hard to discover any superficial resemblance between the two. The same is basically true of the three parts of "Rimuse": here, an even groove is superimposed over the one divided into ten. "Bokoboko" follows the rhythmic pattern of 11 (divided into eight and three). The ten tracks on Bokoboko were recorded and mixed in Friedman's Berlin studio over the past three years. The cover shows a detail from a work by Theo Altenberg.
Burnt Friedman (percussion); Hayden Chisholm (wind instruments); Joseph Suchy (guitar); Daniel Schroter (bass); Takeshi Nishimoto (sarod)
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