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Variations Between Grado Headphone Models

From the entry level iGrado to the Top-of-the-Line PS1000 the entire Grado headphone line is worthy of being called true audiophile sound quality. There is a consistency of sound throughout the line from top down.

The following list will provide a simple comparison to step you through the top features that separate the different models.

iGrado Series

iGrado: Grado’s version of a portable knock-around headphone. Perfect for use with all portable devices. The headphone housing is designed by Grado but manufactured in China. Grado sends their SR60i drivers to China and has the headphones assembled there thus enabling a economically produced headphone unrivaled at its price.

Sound: good bass, good resolution and smooth sound.

Prestige Series

SR60i: This headphone has gained “LEGENDARY” status. The SR60i has received rave reviews from around the world and is the most commonly recommended headphone on the market today. The SR60i was the Stereophile’s “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” in two categories, “The Accessory of Year” and the more prestigious “Budget Component of Year”.

Sound: good bass, excellent resolution, very smooth sound.

SR80i: This headphone has all the attributes of the SR60 with improved response. The SR80i is the winner of the “GOLDEN NOTE AWARD” presented by the Academy For The Advancement Of High End Audio, and has received Audio Video’s “HI-FI GRAND PRIX AWARD”.

Sound: more open sound stage, improved bass response.

SR125i: This headphone is receiving the praise that has been reserved for products that cost two to three times the price. Winner of the “CRITICS CHOICE” award presented by Sound & Vision.
Sound: bass, midrange and treble are all more open. De-stressing of the diaphragm increases inner detail. Theses headphones have balance and character similar to the RS1i headphones.

SR225i: This headphone has closer matched drivers and an improved rear screen that increases airflow by 50%.
Sound: Closer driver tolerances helps enlarged the sound stage while the more open rear screen helps free the headphones of colorations. The SR225i offers excellent value for the dollar like all Grado headphones.

SR325is : The top of the line in the Grado Prestige Series. Winner of Audio Video’s “HI-FI GRAND PRIX AWARD”.
Sound: The SR325is embodies all the sound benefits of the Signature series, clean open highs, smooth well defined midrange and bass that will rock. The SR325is is an excellent value yielding performance that one would have to spend 3-4 times their price in competing headphones.

Reference Series

RS2i: The RS2 features handcrafted mahogany earpieces that require an intricate curing process to optimize the tonal quality. The RS2i keeps a very close family resemblance in looks and sound to its big brother the RS1i.

Sound: warm, smooth, full-bodied, rich and non-fatiguing...just like its older sibling.

RS1i: Considered by serious headphone users as one of the best headphones available in the world. Top listed headphone on Stereophile’s Class A “Recommended Components” category.
Sound: This 9oz. headphone has an openness and clarity that is rarely matched by any other headphone. The RS1is have smooth highs, tight well-defined bass, depth and detail unmatched by any but the best high-end loudspeakers costing many thousands of dollars.

Statement Series
A new level in headphone listening!

GS1000i: Thought of by serious headphone users as the best headphone currently produced in the world. The GS1000i has received high accolades for its performance from around the world.

Sound: the GS1000is bring headphone listening to a new level. Considered to be the most comfortable headphone in the world, the GS1000i creates a room for your ears to sit, thus creating a larger sound stage and greater spatial experience for the listener. The GS1000i retains a sound that is pure Grado, rich full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep and the music is very tight and non-fatiguing. All with a soundstage that is huge allowing for unbelievable separation and layering of the music which is simply stunning.

A must for serious music lovers.

Professional Serries
It just doesn't get any better!

PS1000:Sticking with the new developments of the GS1000, the PS1000 uses the same large cushions providing a very comfortable fit on the head, excellent for very long listening sessions. These cushions also push the driver further from the ear providing a large sound and headstage. The same shaped enclosure as that of the GS1000's is used but instead of the wooden outer housing, the housing is a metal alloy like that of the PS1's headphones. What makes this particularly interesting however is the inner housing, which is made of the same wood used in the RS series and for the GS1000. The driver has been changed, has been improved, refining the sound even more than previous generation of headphones. The cable has also been changed and seems to be quite a bit thicker than the previous versions. All these changes and improvements make for a listening experience like none that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

The complete line of Grado headphones offer excellent sound and value regardless of the price range you are shopping in. All the headphones can be driven easily by any source from a portable CD to the best Top of the line components.

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